Moving On Your Own Or Hiring Professional Movers? Pros And Cons!

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Moving is one of the most important events in our lives. It is not easy to decide to pack everything you have, leave everyone and everything you are familiar with and start a new life in a new city or neighborhood that is completely different from yours. Moving comes with big emotional baggage, but also with a great amount of stress and anxiety. Not only that you have to worry about how well and quickly you will adjust to the new environment, whether your children will like the new school and if you’ll be able to find all the things you buy at your local stores in your new neighborhood, but you also have to invest your time and energy into organizing the relocation process.

The first question you should ask yourself when you decide to move is whether you want to move by yourself or hire professional movers. Both options come with some advantages and disadvantages, and you have to choose the one that suits your preferences and expectations better. To help you decide which option is better for you, we made a list of pros and cons for moving on your own, as well as hiring professional movers. We hope that you’ll find this list helpful.

Moving on your own


· The first and the most obvious reason for deciding to move on your own is saving money. You don’t charge yourself, your friends and family who help you with moving, so there is a lot of money to save in the process.

· You can start packing whenever you want. You can start months in advance or a few days in advance, however, suits you better. You can pack at your own pacing and organize your items the way you want it.

· You are in charge of every single thing that your moving involves and you can organize everything to fit your daily schedule and habits

· You can improvise with moving supplies, get the boxes from the local store, use blankets to secure more fragile items and get creative with the things around the house that can serve you well.


· There are many expenses when it comes to moving that doesn’t necessarily involve hiring local furniture movers. You have to consider that moving supplies are very expensive and it is not easy to find good quality supplies for an affordable price. Even if you manage to get something from your local stores and friends, there are still many things that you should get if you want to keep your items well-secured. Finding a moving truck to rent is not cheap, as well. When you write your expenses down on a piece of paper, you’ll see that difference between moving on your own and hiring local movers is not so significant as you hoped it would be.

· When you decide to pack and move by yourself, the security of your belongings depends on you. We are sure that you’ll do your best to pack and store your belongings in the best way you possibly can, but there are many things that you can’t predict and be prepared for. To pack and transfer your items in such a way that they remain in flawless condition, you have to have certain experience and knowledge and to be able to think of every possible outcome and that is something that only years of experience and training that professional movers go through can provide you with.

· Planning a local moving takes a lot of time and energy. You have to be prepared that if you decide to move on your own, you’ll have to take some days off and really commit to planning every part of the process that relocation consists of because if even one of them is not planned and executed well, it might all go wrong.

· You have to prepare that you’ll be under a huge amount of stress, since besides moving you have to deal with many other things that changing your address brings, such as preparing your new place, handling utilities, finding friends and family members who can help with both moving and taking care of your children and pets, and many other things.

Hiring professional movers


· Hiring professional movers includes full service. That means that you don’t have to worry about anything, packing, disassembling and reassembling big pieces of furniture, carrying, transferring, arranging items around your new home and many other things that come up along the way.

· When you hire furniture movers that are professional in their job, like Fountain Valley CA Movers, packing supplies and moving vehicles are also included in the price you get.

· Hiring movers with truck usually means that you have basic insurance coverage, so if anything happens along the way, you know that your finances won’t suffer more than they already do.

· When you hire packers and movers you can rest assured that your belongings will be handled with the utmost care and chances to move your items in flawless condition are 99%.

· You can have peace of mind. After you arrange everything with your movers and make a plan, you can go back to your everyday schedule and be at ease until the moving day comes. Knowing that professionals will handle your moving will make you feel relaxed and worry-free.


· Hiring local moving companies require you to spend a significant amount of money for the flawless service that you get.

· You can sometimes feel that everything’s out of your hands and that you are disconnected from the whole process. However, the plan that you make with your local movers always include your requirements and wishes, so everything’s based on your lifestyle and schedule.

· Moving companies will always organize your moving in such a way that everything goes as fast and as smoothly as possible. That is why when professional movers pack your belongings they always find a way to pack it so they are secured and safe, and they don’t pay so much attention to what should go in which box.

It is up to you to choose the option that works better for you. However, if you decide to hire local moving companies, you should pay special attention to finding the local movers that are reliable and trustworthy. When you write “local movers near me”, “furniture movers near me” or simply “movers near me” in the search box, you’ll stumble upon hundreds of moving companies and movers that claim to provide you with the best service for the most affordable price. You should really do proper research before you decide which movers you want to hire. Fountain Valley Movers, as well as some other serious moving companies, will offer you a free moving quote right away, so you can compare them and choose the ones that are the most convenient for you.

Fountain Valley CA moving companies are here to hear you out, give you a free moving quote and help you make the decision. If there is anything that we forgot to mention and that is important to you, feel free to give us a call and find out for yourself, we are always there for your questions and concerns.