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Local movers with skills and passion who also care about the safety of your belongings Fountain Valley Movers is the right choice if you are planning your upcoming relocation.

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Together we can change the moving industry and set higher expectations for moving Orange County!

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Not only that our local movers are experienced professionals, but we also invest all our resources into their training and equipment, so we can always be innovative and provide you with the best service you can get from the moving companies Fountain Valley CA located

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No matter how much money you can invest in the process of your relocation, with so many expenses that moving brings, your priority is always to try the most affordable Fountain Valley mover and a solution that will fit your budget the best. The secret to our affordable services is that we always invest our time and resources into making a perfect specialized plan for your relocation, so when the relocation day comes everything is done In the fastest and the most efficient way.

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When we say that you can count on us, we mean that the plan that we make and the way we provide you with the moving help is something that will be executed in a flawless manner. Our local movers and packers highly respect your time and money.


Every moving project is unique and there is none that Fountain Valley Movers, the best local movers nearby can’t do!

Why Choose Us?

Making moving simple and smooth for 15 years!

Your ideas are valued

Our starting point when making your relocation plan is always your opinion. You are the one who knows your home, neighborhood, and belongings the best, which is why you are also the one who can warn us about any challenge we might encounter or things that are of special value to you.

Peace of mind

We know that moving is one of the most stressful events and we know that it is easier said than done to take it easy and handle this process without stress and worry. However, when we sit with you and explain to you every little detail and when you are aware that professionals are handling things for you, it is much easier to ease your mind and rest assured that everything will go well.

Licensed and insured

In order to ensure the peace of mind, you deserve to have on your moving day, our price includes moving insurance as well.


What Customers
Say About Us

Donette Hayes

Google Reviews

Excellent service. Fountain Valley Movers moved me from Fountain Valley, to Tustin. They were very organized, professional and great at decision making. The movers I had were Kenneth, Owens, and James. All very friendly, moved quickly, were gentle with delicate furniture, and got the job done efficiently.

Briana Kelly

Google Reviews

I highly recommend these guys. They were on time on moving day and kept everything moving quickly and efficiently. They were very professional and delicate with all of our items. It was the most stress-free move ever!

Alison Black

Google Reviews

Love this company and love my man Carol! Always does a perfect job and is prompt and professional. Used him a year ago...using them for a small job tomorrow and another one in two weeks!! Thanks Carol & team!!!!!

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