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Labor-only moving can include a wide range of services, but what connects them all is the main characteristic - they don’t include moving trucks. Onsite moving projects are often ended in a disaster if they are not taken seriously and dealt with with proper care. When you search for local moving companies that can help you with handling your belongings without leaving the immediate area, you won’t find many of them that offer these kinds of services we refer to as labor moving, or labor only moving services. These can be a lot more complex than they might seem. However, even when you do write “local movers near me”, “movers near me” or “furniture movers near me” and you find a list of companies and movers that do offer labor-only services, you have to be careful and thorough in your research and find the ones who will finish the work properly.

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Luckily for you, Fountain Valley Movers are masters in labor only moving

We put a lot of time and effort into training our local movers to do these kinds of moves with the same diligence and efficiency. Whether you need heavy item movers to do some heavy lifting got you, you need someone helping you unloading or loading truck for you, or you are maybe just moving across the hall - our movers are the ones who can help. As mentioned, labor-only moving services can include a wide range of services that don’t include moving trucks.

Some of the most common labor moving projects are:

Heavy item movers, lifters, and packers;

Moving your items in and out of your moving vehicle (unloading or loading truck);

Staging your home;


Moving within the same apartment complex;

Rearranging your storage unit;

Rearranging your office furniture.

No matter what kind of labor moving service we provide, we will always make a detailed plan about it and spend a lot of time and effort into executing that plan in the most professional and fast way. Labor-only moving might seem like a less complicated option than other kinds of moving that we do, but it comes with many troubles that can turn into a disaster if not dealt with well and in a timely manner.

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