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When to pay movers?

Every moving company has its policy on the time of charging you for their services. Fountain Valley CA Movers charge you after the moving is done and the last item is taken out of the moving truck and arranged around your new home. It is the most simple and clean way to do things since at this point you can see the work that has been done, the time that has passed and the state that your belongings have arrived in.

Why use professional movers?

There are many reasons why it is better to use the help of professional movers than move on your own. Experienced and skilled furniture movers, like Movers and Packers Fountain Valley CA, know how to handle every part of your relocation in a flawless manner. They know the way to pack, transport, assemble and disassemble and handle your big pieces of furniture in such a way that they come to their final point in perfect condition. When you hire local furniture movers, they come to your doorstep completely equipped with vehicles, tools and high-quality packing supplies. Hiring local moving will save your time, money and peace of mind.

What happens when movers damaged furniture?

Local moving companies are obliged to have basic coverage insurance included in their service. Movers in Fountain Valley CA, as well as many other moving companies, handle your belongings with the utmost care. When our local movers come to your doorstep, they will make an inventory of everything you have and the state your items are in. You have to check everything by yourself and agree to our inventory, so if anything happens and you need to file a claim you have the evidence needed that your damage is done during the moving and not before or after. Upon delivery, you should pay attention to your items and if anything is damaged or missing, you should note in on the moving paper.

What movers won’t move?

Different local moving companies have different policies on things that they won’t move, but some things are forbidden to transport by federal law, such as any flammable, corrosive or explosive items. Fountain Valley CA moving companies don’t move: any kind of grand pianos (baby grand pianos); pool tables (even if they are disassembled); alcohol, flammable items; restaurant, medical, dental equipment; saunas, hot tubs; pallets with things or without them; animals. However, we always advise you to call us and get all information on your own.

Will movers take my bed apart?

Every serious local moving company will provide you with the service of assembly and disassembly of your heavy furniture. Moving help Fountain Valley CA will provide you with this kind of service completely free of charge. Our professional movers will also bring all the needed tools for your relocation, and the safe handling of your belongings.

Will movers move alcohol?

One of the things that many local moving companies won’t move is alcohol. Flammable, corrosive and explosive items are forbidden to move by federal law, and Moving services Fountain Valley CA respect this. We don’t move alcohol, but we do invite you to contact us if you have any questions regarding a specific item and whether we can move it because we can give you exact information and suggestions.

How do movers pack clothing?

Packing is usually the service that many moving companies include in their services. Movers Fountain Valley CA will pack, move and do everything that the process of relocation consists of. Packing clothes is a part of the packing service and of course, we provide you with packing clothes as well. Not only that we’ll pack your clothes, but we’ll also provide you with high-quality packing supplies. Clothing is usually packed in boxes that are very convenient, easy to handle, and designed to keep the items safe.

Are movers cheaper on weekdays?

This is a difficult question and it depends on the period of the year and month. Usually, movers are cheaper on weekdays, but many factors can affect this. Fountain Valley Movers advise you to always get in touch with us and ask us about the date that you want to choose, and we’ll give you the most accurate information.

Where to buy movers insurance?

Insurance is not technically sold by moving companies, but under federal law, they are obliged to provide you with some kind of valuation option. Furniture movers Fountain Valley CA include basic insurance coverage in every one of our services, which means that you can feel at ease when choosing our company. However, if you still want third-party insurance, you can get one.

How many movers should I hire?

Even though it seems that you’ll need many people to finish your relocation, the difference between hiring trained packers and movers and just requiring help from your friends and family is that professionals know what they’re doing. Local movers know how to effectively stack, pack, and keep the process of loading and unloading efficiently. With Fountain Valley CA Movers’ trained staff, you should only need two to five movers depending on your household size. This number will be known in advance.

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