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Who are we?

We are your friends and neighbors! We are people who live next door and want to lend you a hand with one of the most stressful and most difficult events in your life - moving Orange County-wise. Ten years ago, we decided to build a business that can bring us and our neighbors joy and peace. Since that moment, we helped more than 10 thousand households get relocated! Throughout the years, we've come a long way from a small local provider of moving services Orange County located, to the top 5 professional movers that people would recommend to their friends after using our services, and that is our most important goal.

What do we do?

We offer you affordable, reliable, and worry-free moving services Orange County located. We came up with a wide range of services that can help with any part of the relocation process that you struggle with. Our services include:

Every relocation that we do and the service we provide for you is rather simple and consists of two steps. The first one is to make a specialized, unique plan that will cover every step of your moving, and the second is the relocation day itself when our movers come to your doorstep and finish everything in the fastest and most convenient way for you.

What matters to us at
Fountain Valley Movers?

Our priority number one is to bring a smile to your face and help you find joy in the process of moving. Starting the new chapter of your life and not getting stressed about the whole process of packing and moving is exactly what our packers and movers can help you with. How you may ask? Well, our packers and movers work hard and put a lot of effort to make sure that your belongings are always in flawless condition and that your relocation is as smooth and easy as it can possibly be! Your satisfaction and well-being are what motivates us at Fountain Valley Movers to always improve ourselves, invest in equipment and training of our movers, and always think of new and innovative ways to make your move a piece of cake!

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